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Fields Overwrite Problem

  • First of all, sorry for my bad English, but i’m using Google Translate.

    In a page of the frontend of my website I have inserted more than one form built with acf. These forms have some fields with the same field name (but different field key). The problem is that by filling in one of the two forms, the value with the name of the field in common is set to both. Searching here on the forum I found these two topics that would seem to describe my problem:


    I find this to be a strange limitation, and I would like to understand why even though each acf field is associated with a unique key, this is not used to uniquely retrieve the data on the database. My problem is actually that I find myself having to build different forms, and over time they will grow further, and it would be convenient for some of these forms to continue to have fields with the same name.

    Is there no way to integrate in future a “slug” feature on field names like the one WordPress uses to make permalinks unique? Thank you.

  • They may have different keys but there is only one field in the database. The field name is used for the meta_key and these need to be unique for fields saved for the same post.

    Sorry, but I do not know of any solution.

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