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field groups & WPML … not translated, show wrong language

  • Some posts in a CPT with CFs show me the wrong language text. And when I try to enter the correct content it reverts back to the wrong language text when I hit “save”.

    So I now found what I think would be the solution to my problem in these threads:
    and here’S the tutorial:

    Basically what I did wrong was I didn’t enable translation of field groups.

    My question: when I activate this now, what will happen to my current posts?

    The weird thing is that for some reason my editors didn’t listen to me and didn’t use the “+” feature to add the second language to a post but instead created a new post from scratch. Which is why 90% of all posts are fine, but some are linked and have the issue I described above.
    So I’m wondering if I’ll lose all kinds of content when I switch on this feature.

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