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  • Hi, we are getting a weird issue ( similar to this thread ) . When we try to save ‘field group’ with one relationship field, edit page keeps on loading and it is taking more than 15-20 minutes to save that changes. If we try to edit that field group with relationship field, then that edit page is keep on loading and it is not opening that field group edit page. Our site have more custom post types but we have limited that relationship field to only one custom post type and also that custom post type is empty now ( no content created yet ). We have big data in other custom post types ( may be morethan 10000 posts ). Can you please tell us what might be issue ?

  • We have found the issue. In our site, there is a custom hierarchical taxonomy and in which, we have more than 10000 terms ( parent-child) in it. While adding ‘relationship’ field under a field group, ACF is trying to query all those terms for its filter options. Due to more no of terms, it took long time to load that filter options. That query become very expensive due to that parent child hierarchical terms.

    We hope it might help others who has similar issue with ACF relationship field and more no of parent-child terms.

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