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  • Hi there!

    I have a new install for ACF PRO and I’m trying to use the Date Time Picker and the Time Picker and I’m not seeing any of the time functions. Please see my screenshot.


  • If your not seeing time setting in the field disable other plugins and see if you can figure out where the conflict is. The dat/time and time fields are working correctly for me.

  • Hey John!

    I’m using the Divi theme from When I use this type of field on the User page (which doesn’t have any special theme requirements) it works but when I try to use it on a post or page it doesn’t work. There appears to be some conflict with the Divi theme which is news to me because so far everything else works great with it.


  • More than likely the theme is including it’s own version, or a different version of the data/time and/or time picker which in interfering with the operation of the ACF version. I don’t know anything about the theme. You can try submitting a support ticket on this issue and you should probably also contact your support for the theme.

  • Hey John!

    I found the answer on another support thread here:

    New Datetime Fields

    add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'slimline_remove_divi_date_scripts', 100 );
    function slimline_remove_divi_date_scripts() {
    	wp_deregister_script( 'et_pb_admin_date_addon_js' );
    	wp_deregister_script( 'et_pb_admin_date_js' );

    Thanks for your help!


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