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New Date/Time Fields Not Working

  • I just updated to the latest version of ACF pro (5.3.9) and was excited to try the new time and date/time pickers. I went ahead and changed an existing field to the time picker, but when I go to edit an existing post and click in the time picker field it just displays a date picker with now options for time.

    I tried adding a new time field to the field group, as well as a date/time picker but they again only display a date picker and not a time picker.

    Any thoughts?

    WordPress | 4.5.2
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO | 5.3.9
    Akismet | 3.1.11
    Bluberry PowerPress | 7.0.1
    Dashboard Quick Actions | 1.1
    Duplicate Post | 2.6
    Elegant Themes Updater | 1.2
    Email Address Encoder | 1.0.5
    Sub Categories Widget | 1.5
    TablePress | 1.7
    Divi (theme) | 2.7.5

  • Hi @nathanallworth

    Thanks for the bug report.

    Would you mind submitting a ticket here including login details to your site?
    The time picker is working as expected for me, perhaps there is something unique about your site or the field’s settings?


  • I created a ticket and was advised to disable plugins/themes until it started working. For any others experiencing issues, here’s my reply to the ticket:

    I disabled all the plugins but that didn’t work. I re-enabled all plugins and then switched themes back to the default Twenty Sixteen. That fixed the date/time picker field. It appears to be an incompatibility with the theme Divi by Elegant Themes. I’m not willing to move forward without the theme, so for the time being I can go without the time pickers.

    I am guessing the problem is a version mismatch between jquery versions. Divi appears to be “taking over” the editor boxes in the post/page editors, and it is calling it’s own version of jquery. I’ll reach out to Elegant Themes about disabling their editor on separate fields added by plugins.

    I’m guessing this isn’t within ACF Pro’s wheelhouse to fix, but any possible insights would be appreciated.

  • Hi @nathanallworth

    Thanks for the reply.

    Can you please clarify the exact issue.
    In your previous reply you mention ‘editor boxes’ and ‘jQuery’, but are you referring to only the date time picker field being an issue?

  • Only the date/time and time pickers are not working, everything else seems functional. When using the time or date/time picker with Divi theme enabled, the standard jquery date picker pops up with no time input boxes. I believe the reason they are not working is that the theme I am using is inserting its own jquery version into the post editor (/wp-content/themes/Divi/includes/builder/scripts/ext/jquery-*-1.11.4.custom.min.js?ver=2.7.5), which I think is preventing the time picker addon from working properly.

    Not being a developer I don’t have the skills to look deeper and find a solution. I’ve contacted the developer but they told me that they don’t support third-party plugins and that their theme doesn’t use a custom version of jquery (which as far as I can tell is not true). I am pushing back a little and will see what happens.

  • Hi @nathanallworth

    Thanks for the reply.

    Is your site online? If so, can you please allowme login access and I’ll take a look myself. You can mark your reply as private to hide credentials, or just email me [email protected]


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  • Hi @nathanallworth

    Thanks for the login info.
    I can replicate the issue perfectly.

    I think the issue is simply that the Divi theme is including the same timepicker JS file (which is good) but it is an older version.
    Divi is including v1.4.3 and ACF includes v1.6.3.

    Maybe this is causing ACF’s JS to fail?
    Maybe becuase the older version doesn’t support the settings used in ACF’s JS?

    If possible, can you find the line of code in the Divi theme that enqueues the timepicker JS and comment it out. Does this fix the issue?

  • Finally had a chance to try this, but it still performs the same (verified it wasn’t being loaded with the Chrome inspector). My guess is it might have something to do with their custom version of jquery or jquery-ui?

    Thanks for helping me track this down. They are receptive to perhaps updating their jquery-ui versions, so I’ll look further into it with them and see what happens.

    Loving ACF for what I’m mainly using it for, really and excellent plugin!

  • Hi @nathanallworth

    Thanks for the reply.

    Can you please allow me wp-admin access to your site?
    You can reply with a private visibility or email me directly at [email protected]


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  • Hi @nathanallworth

    Thanks for the reply, but these login credentials do not work.
    Can you please ensure they are correct

  • I’m having the same issue, without plugins., fresh install of ACF

  • Hi @jacobnollette

    Thanks for the replies.

    Can you please open a new support ticket using the following link and include a clear explanation of the issue. Please note your image link is broken.


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  • Hi guys

    – thanks for the login details, they are now working.

    I’ve taken a look and yes, the issue is due to the Divi theme including an older version of the datetime picker library.

    ACF PRO uses v1.6.3, but Divi includes 1.4.3.
    I believe that some settings do not exist in 1.4.3, so they fail when ACF attempts to initialize.

    Strangely, both JS libraries are being added to the page (which may also be causing the issue). I’ll need to do some testing with the divi theme and find a way to get them better working together.

  • I too am having the same issue. Divi theme ACF. No time picker field. Do we have a workaround at least temporary for this? We are launching a site tomorrow that is for an event producer so having a time picker is fairly important. lol. I know it’s last minute, as things always are it seems. Can I simply unenqueue divi’s time picker js from all the custom post type entry pages? Or will it also have to be removed from the front end? I’m not using any of Divi’s time features that I’m aware of.

  • Or what if I removed the post-editor support from the custom post type? Would that work if the issue is the jquery in the post-editor.js?

  • I was able to bypass this issue by moving the settings to an ACF options page for the time being.

  • I thought I was going crazy because I know it worked at one point. I guess you can add me to the list as well. Running Divi and it only shows a date picker.

  • Anyone having this problem: for now, the easiest way to get around this is to deregister Divi’s custom date scripts, like so:

    add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'slimline_remove_divi_date_scripts', 100 );
    function slimline_remove_divi_date_scripts() {
    	wp_deregister_script( 'et_pb_admin_date_addon_js' );
    	wp_deregister_script( 'et_pb_admin_date_js' );

    I only did this within the last hour so I haven’t seen if there are any problems in Divi after doing this. So far it looks okay, and the Divi timepickers look like they’re still working.

  • I implemented [email protected] change and it works well. My question is whether ACF will be updated to fix this issue and if this change does anything to hurt Divi’s functionality.

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