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Block type "Mode" for individual fields

  • Hello community! Just trying out ACF and Gutenberg after years of working with ACF as a custom “page builder”. Now, is there a way to sort of ignore the mode parameter in acf_register_block_type() for single fields – defining a mode parameter on each field in the field group admin (or via filters)?

    Example: Using a text field as a regular Gutenberg block and having a couple of settings fields in the sidebar when the block is active. Similar to how Styles/Settings works with regular Gutenberg blocks.

    Or, if i could define two field groups using the same block but on different positions (main and sidebar)?

    A “solution” would be to create a new field group and set to show on all pages but that isn’t very handy unless I can use the conditional logic field to only show when a defined Block is present on the page. (And the field group would also be very far from the block itself, having to switch to Document to edit).


  • Found a duplicate (sorry ’bout that). Admin can remove (but maybe the topic titles might help others?).

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