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Block settings in admin sidebar with ACF blocks

  • Is it possible to place block settings (certain fields from your field group) in the admin sidebar and not in the editable (content) part of the custom block?

  • I would like as well to know if there is a possibility to restrict which fields is shown in the settings sidebar and in the block content ?

  • This feature would be very handy!

  • Yes! I was trying to think of a work around, I guess you could manually move the fields with JS but that is pretty hacky.

  • It’s possible in a simple way now. You can only create an ACF empty block with an InnerBlock included, and all options in this block (eg Button Group) will be visible in the sidebar.

    As a result, we get something like “gutenberg block options”

    The problem I am seeing is performance. If you have a lot of inner blocks, you have a lot of Ajax queries. As a result, loading this in wp-admin is slow.

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