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Assign a group fields to a specific category

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    Sorry, we did not see that this forum was no longer used as support tickets, so we opened a new support ticket. Do not answer here except if you meet the same problem or you can bring a solution for all.



    We need to assign a group fields to a specific category (not to the posts in a category) ! How can we do that ?

    For example, we have 5 categories (US Food, French Food, Asian Food, ect). We need to add a PDF (and other custom fields) to these categories ONLY (not to other categories like news, events,…).

    We have tried Taxonomy Term/Post Category/Post Taxonomy equals “US Food” but it does not work!

    Is not there a “rule” for that ridiculous and simple thing (if category = abc then shows custom fields) ?

    I read some topics but without solution:

    Please note that our client’s website is multilingual (10 langues) so we use WPML. Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of time for this project, so we do not want to waste our time with long, fastidious and un-tested coding.

    Can you bring us a solution/answer?

    Best regards,

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