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Add custom field only to certain category

  • Is there any way to add custom field only to one certain category? Or only to one certain category and its child categories?

  • Hi @heidel

    Yes, If you take a look in the location/visibility settings for your field group you can set the field group to show only on a specific category/term.

  • Actually, I mean, is there any opportunity to add a custom field not for posts on certain category, but for sub-categories on a specific category? I can’t find how to do that.

  • Hi @heidel

    Ah I see.
    At the moment you can only assign a field group to specific categories, not a category + it’s children. However you can assign it to multiple different categories.

    I’m going to suggest this to Elliot as I think it would be a nice improvement. Something similar to the page parent setting but for terms.

  • Thank you for the answer.

  • No problem.

    After discussing it a bit with Elliot and John elliot came to the conclusion to not implement this as it would open up for so many different obscure location settings. He will probably create a new documentation code snippet tho for implementing somewhat of a solution for this.

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