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ACF Pro 5.7.11 on WP Multisite undefined acf_local() function

  • When upgrading to 5.7.11 on a Multisite/Network environment, the wp-admin experiences a 500 error with the following

    Call to undefined function acf_local() in /…/wp-content/plugins/wpai-acf-add-on/wpai-acf-add-on.php on line 473

    Downgrading to 5.7.10 resolves this issue.

    This is on the latest version of WordPress as well, with no other plugins enabled.

  • The error comes from wpai-acf-add-on and not from acf itself, but check and watch this topic to see if any solutions posted there will work for you. It might be related to one of issues posted there.

  • Thanks! I didn’t even notice that earlier in my scramble to resolve the issue. Turns out that the WP All Import plugin updated a couple hours ago and both work now on their latest versions.

    The ACF Pro upgrades have caught us a couple times recently. In my opinion they need to worry a little more about breaking changes.

  • Hi @webmechanix

    My apologies for the issues in version 5.7.11.

    I hear you loud and clear, and am glad to see that things are back on track 🙂

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