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acf-message-field inconsistency

  • I’m trying to create a dynamic content for a specific message field type.

    I’ve noticed that using the standard acf/filters
    does not give me any result because the acf-field-message does not have a real value.

    I ve also noticed that is not possible to specify a name when creating the field.

    I would ask: why the acf-field-message is not treated as a normal acf-field?

    The Message Field is often used to show dynamic informations and users should be able to customize it based on custom scenarios.

    Before opening this thread I’ve searched a little through the forum.
    The problem has been partially discussed here
    but, at today, there is no real consistent solution.

    I’m sure that is more simple treat a field message as a normal field type instead of try to use any workaround.

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