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ACF + Ajax; certain fields not initialising

  • Situation
    I’m implementing a custom admin page that gets ACF fields based on a selection.
    Everything is working fine, including the showing and saving of the fields.

    However, after a field is loaded using Ajax, certain JavaScript functionalities are not working:

    • In a repeater field, the add row button does nothing, it also shows nothing in the console when clicked.
      According to my browser a click event IS bound to it from acf-input.js:
      return a.apply(b || this, c.concat(
    • In a wysiwyg field, the Visual button does not work. When clicked it shows the following error in the console: TypeError: r is undefined [tinymce.min.js]

    Am I maybe supposed to perform a JavaScript call to initialise the newly loaded fields? Or is there something wrong with my implementation of ACF?

    Info on my implementation
    Initial page load
    On initial page load I run acf_enqueue_scripts(); to load all ACF scripts/styling.

    Getting fields with Ajax
    On the page when a selection is made, an Ajax call is made to a custom route which performs the following to get the fields HTML:

    // get fields based on group key received from POST request
    $fields = acf_get_fields(['key' => $key]);
    // render fields, and use output buffering to catch the HTML
    acf_render_fields($fields, 'my-page');
    $fields_html = ob_get_contents();
    return $fields_html;

    Which successfully returns the required HTML to the page.

    Saving Fields
    I very simply perform a POST with all the fields to a route which performs the acf_save_post('my-page') function.
    This function gets the fields from the request and saves them, which works wonderfully.

  • For example these are a few fields that are being received.
    The radios work just fine, but the add row button does nothing.
    screenshot fields

    Here is a text field, and the error in the console that’s shown when Visual is clicked.
    screenshot text field

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