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  • Hi John, I really would appreciate a tool integrated into ACF which would import the PHP it generates. Sometimes the workflow makes changes to the PHP necessary and more convenient and we need to reflect the changes back into the GUI.

    Since the PHP is one big file containing actual function calls to acf_add_local_field_group the reverse process would be easier if the PHP export was changed in a way so that including that export won’t be such a hassle due to the function calls.

    Asked differently: How can we assure a versioned workflow with both GUI tool and PHP export if we don’t get changes to the PHP easily back into the GUI tool (which happens to live on a different machine, btw.) I’ve tried that with JSON but the synching was confusing somehow and also doing strange things when switching between branches which I can‘t line out precisely right now.

    The reason we use the PHP is that I develop locally and the actual website is used by many editors and admin which should not fiddle with the field groups. So the ACF GUI on live is empty but changes made to the code on different developer machines should be able to integrated back into the dedicated building environments GUI.

  • Hi all …

    this is a major issue. It took me quiet a while to nail down what the problem was. I came here to file a bug report, too.

    I think this is worth an immediate bug fix release. I was close to push update on the life web site out of good faith … everything would now be broken …

  • Hi James,

    thanks for pointing this possibility out. How would I be able to act upon a geocoding request. As far as I can see the geocoder response is not available to me when the script is loaded and no event is being fired to get hold of that response object. But I might have overseen something.



  • Ok, I found out how to do this myself. It requires the following changes and I’d be glad to have them added.

    In acf-input.js #5307:

     if (item.types[0] == 'country') {
       acf.val( self.$el.find('.input-country'),item.short_name);

    Another change goes to google-map.php #84 ,the array gets one more entry after lang:

    'country' => ''

    These small changes add the short_name of the country to the saved data.

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