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  • Great post!
    Now I wonder… how come the developer of this plugin has let this one and previous backslashes issues go on and on and on without even making an attempt to fix it, even though many of us has pointed it out in detail, to the point of indicating the exact file and line number where the offending code is placed…. It’s exasperating!

  • Hi,
    I’m having the same problem with what I think is the same line of code (#188) in the _functions.php file.

    In my case, the backslashes get stripped from plain text fields where I need to store regular expressions.

    Your suggestion about hooking to the ‘update_field’ filter won’t work because you are calling streepslashes_deep() BEFORE the apply_filters() call.

    I think the option of the backend filter is a quick one, but it may also be useful to pass more info to the filter, e.g., the field type and name, field group, etc., so the programmer can have more context info in order to make the decision either to return false or true.

    Thanks in advance,


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