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  • Ikraav, we’re still having the same issue, even after commenting the line
    wp_cache_add_non_persistent_groups('acf'); inside the plugin ‘cache.php’ file.

    But, after some more investigation it seems like this is happening due to the object cache being full. Since the object cache is full ACF cannot write data to it and ends up retrieving all content from the DB directly.

    You might be having the same issue.

  • Could you provide more info on why persistent cache is skipped by ACF?

    We’re using ACF with WPEngine with ‘Object Caching’ enabled, and ACF skips caching entirely resulting in all calls to ‘get_field()’ being pulled directly from the DB. When we disable ‘Object Caching’ ACF uses the transients API, and it works much more efficiently.

    Can you explain this choice? Why does ACF doesn’t play well with ‘Object Caching’?


  • Thank you, James! It helped.

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