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  • Thanks. I guess I should occasionally keep visiting this forum so I will come across some interesting topics and your great answers.

  • Thanks John for your time and response. Ya I am used to “it depends” answers.

    I think I poorly wrote my third question. Instead of saying layout I wanted to say some structure inside the blog itself, but I think should stop being paranoid of unknown scenarios here. Like you said I guess correct approach would be to let them use shortcodes. Any such custom structures can come from extra fields and can be inserted using shortcode.

    The crazy scenario of 210 fields you mentioned, how did that page perform on front end? BTW how much do you bother to make backend presentable and well structured? So far I have only structured fields as table never tried to do more than that.

    Again, thanks a lot for the detailed answer.

  • Thanks I will look into it. Would have been a lot better if there was ready to use option to label blocks.

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