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  • Yup i also got the same problem. After checking the code i found out that with the field_group.js

    It was calling an id that does not exist in the new version of acf.

    so i tried removing the id from the jquery selector
    $(‘.location-groups td.value select:visible’)

    Now the input field for the meta key and value is already being shown but the problem now is that when you try to update. It seems that the meta key and value are not being saved. Another problem is that there seems to be a problem with the js file preventing you from adding more rules.

    I hope this gets fixed as well. Need this on one of my project.

  • I am using gravityforms for my front end form. As we know, there is no seamless way of integrating acf and gravityforms.

    Gravityforms does not have a form field like the repeater field of acf although they do use a list form field. But the list field differs with the acf repeater field. In order for me to save the list field entries to the acf repeater field. I need to use a filter to get the values of its list field and then store its values into an array.

    so is there a way to put this value into the repeater field by using a hook or filter? like the update_field? but im not sure if this will work with a new post.

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