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  • Hmmm, how to do this.

    Just add this code in my functions file.

    Can you be more clear for what to do?

  • I did some little more checks.

    When I create a ACF field “FILE” then the result on frontpage is the url of the selected image file, but it’s not working with Nextscripts autoposting.

    When I create a ACF field “TEXT” and paste the url of the image then it is correct posting the image file with Nextscripts .

    So I’m looking for a solution that the URL of the image after select ACF field “IMAGE” or field “FILE” the url of it is autoposted in the “TEXT” field.

    Because we don’t know the exact image location and first want to select or upload a new photo to the post , before the correct URL is known.

  • I also tried this, the url is the result then. But it’s not working with SNAP, I filled the custom field name in SNAP (Nextscripts), but it give error then.

    Do I need to fill something special in custom field nextscripts for featured image?

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