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  • @valpe You are a star. This works just fine.

    Un grand merci à toi et bon journée!

  • @valpe and @rasso and all thank you for providing those code snippets, it’s really great starting point for those who doesn’t have much clue.

    However I’m afraid the basic uploader isn’t covered or is it?

    Using the above methods I’m able to submit a new custom post, but only wp native uploader attachments are actually being saved. I recall that the native uploader actually “does upload” during its dialog, while the basic one doesn’t.

    How would you suggest to include those attachments by the ajax call?
    Or maybe it can be hooked in via ‘acf/pre_save_post’ using wp_handle_upload and updating them fields with attachment IDs accordingly? I noticed file names are present in the $form e.g. field_5a29532806a20%5D=url%3DC%253A%255Cfakepath%255Ca8WRYY1_700b.jpg%26size%3D327854%26type%3Dimage%252Fjpeg%26width%3D600%26height%3D2944

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Needless to say everything works just fine w/o ajax. I’m on 5.6.5 pro.

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