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  • Another addition to that:

    Each language will require itโ€™s own translation of a field group.

    If this is true, then we obviously can’t link the field groups together to have a field group for language A that propagates to other languages. Something we desperatly want ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @elliot, I will also try to explain what happens on our side.
    We’ve encountered exactly the same issue with ACF PRO 5.3

    What we basically want or expect to happen is when you duplicate a field group you want the groups to be linked in all languages.

    So when you add a new field in the English version of the field group, this field also is created in all other languages.

    At this moment when you duplicate a field group to different languages they don’t link anymore and are translated independently. So when you add a field to a field group, you have to do this manually for each language.

    The easiest way to replicate is setup ACF as is, described with the documentation on the ACF website for WPML
    – Create a field group in language A
    – Add a field
    – Duplicate the group to language B
    – Check if the fields exist in both languages
    – Then add another field to language A
    – Check if the field also appears in language B

    This is how it currently shows, because it’s translated independently:

    This is how it should show (apart from the name):

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