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  • First of wow! Thanks for the super helpful and detailed explanation 🙂

    Here’s what I’m not understanding:

    If I go to one of my posts now, I see all the wp_metadata that I originally saved to the post with ACF sitting in the correct acf form fields.
    When I manually click update, acf grabs the [field]wp_metadata, and as you described, passes it to the the acf function that updates the associated the acf field key to point to the metadata.

    Am I right so far?

    That function is tied to clicking the update button, and theres an add_action that triggers it.

    So shouldn’t I be able to just call that action programmatically and pass the post object to it?

  • So the question is now that my site is like this, how do I regenerate all the info without going post by post just to click the ‘update’ button… What hook does acf use to rebind the metadata to the acf field value?

  • To be clear, Google didn’t just change the pricing structure, but as of June 11th, they’re saying you can’t use their platform for Directories.

    3.2.4 Restrictions Against Misusing the Services.

    (c) No Re-Creating Google Products or Features. Customer will not use the Services to create a product or service with features that are substantially similar to or that re-create the features of another Google product or service. Customer’s product or service must contain substantial, independent value and features beyond the Google products or services. For example, Customer will not:

    (iii) use the Google Maps Core Services in a listings or directory service or to create or augment an advertising product;


    If that’s not a reason for ACF to bring openstreetmap to core, IDK what is.

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