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  • Hello BliniReizen,
    The parameters of ACF get_field() are as follows:
    get_field($selector, [$post_id], [$format_value]);

    So your test code should look like this:

    $tip = get_field("tip",$post->ID);
    if( $tip ) {
        echo $tip;
    } else {
        echo ’empty’;

    Give this a try. The third parameter is true by default ($format_value).

  • Irene,
    You should definitely just update your site to ACF manually. Your success rate is 100% with this method as opposed to trying to use a very technical approach that requires knowledge of PHP, SQL, and the guts of WordPress. It’s probably not worth the hours of effort to automate the migration when you can just re-enter the values.

    To find the templates where Simple Fields was used you may want to search using terms from here:
    This was how most people retrieved simple fields and displayed them on their site. It all depends on what theme you’re using and how many templates there are.

    ACF has similar functionality:
    This is how you retrieve and display custom fields using ACF.

    First you need to create the new fields using ACF and enter the data. Then you would swap one retrieve and display method for the other in your theme’s templates.

    Good luck.

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