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  • Thanks James,

    That’s what I tried, but it didn’t seem to want to generate the .json files when I saved the ACF groups. I’ll give it another [proper] try and see how I get on (I came to ACF forums to make sure I wasn’t chasing a dead end).

    My work’s developed our own developer suite and it includes DB query counts, so I’ve been using that to see if there’s any difference; there doesn’t seem to be.

    Yep, caching’s my next route now, just thought I’d dig into the code and see if I could alleviate some of the load!

  • pecnet,

    The way I’ve done it before is as follows. It seems a little long-winded at first, but tends to produce the best (consistent) results.

    Create a repeater field: opening_hours. You make it so each ‘row’ has:

    • ‘Day’ (dropdown…Mon-Sun)
    • ‘Open’ (text)
    • ‘Close’ (text)

    Then I make my own WordPress shortcode that loops through the repeater field to output the information in the format I want (HTML, relevant classes…etc.). This negates your requirement for loads of specifically named data (eg. hour_sunday).

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