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  • +1 again, about time for this issue to be solved.

  • It’s worth mentioning that the code above goes on the site where the DB is pulled/exported from (or best, on both sites).

    I’m saying this because the first time I put the code only on the destination site, then tried pulling, and it didn’t work.

    That said, I don’t know what the problem could be in your specific case. The filter is applied in get_preserved_options_queries() function, on wpmdb.php on line 1390 (WP Migrate DB Pro v1.8.1).

  • Ok, since there’s still no update on this, I tackled the problem the other way around.

     * Preserve options on WP Migrate DB migrations.
     * @param  array $options 'option_name' in 'wp_options' table
     * @param  array $intent  (used by plugin when importing)
     * @return array
    function mytheme_wpmdb_preserved_options( $options, $intent = '' ) {
      $options[] = 'acf_pro_license';   // Advanced Custom Fields Pro License
      $options[] = 'cpupdate_cac-pro';  // Admin Columns Pro License
      return $options;
    add_filter( 'wpmdb_preserved_options', 'mytheme_wpmdb_preserved_options', 99, 2 );

    This preserves options when importing with WP Migrate DB. Tested on the Pro version, but it should work also with the free one. You can add the options for all the Pro plugins you use, given they store the key on the wp_options table.

    Hope this helps. Bye!

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