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  • Thanks, John,

    I’ll take a stab at this approach. I figured the indexes would change or the row that I deleted would be blank and I’d have to reindex at the end as I found a function to do that; having issues finding it now though. However, I wanted to get step one working first which is to remove the unwanted row.

    I really appreciate the assistance.

  • John,

    I tried that solution as well even though I believe I tried that previously but it’s a no-go. Also, the index is always set to one for some reason. I’m also going to attach the entire file just to see if you see something else. The code to focus on is around line #:420.

    I’m leaving in all the comments and randomness that I was trying as well. I’d expect the delete_row function to delete something even if the index number was correct, but nothing is being removed.

    I appreciate it.

  • John,

    Yes, I removed that bit from the code. However, I set it to 1 since I read that it starts off at 1. Then I obviously incremented it in the loop.

    Should I have used the get_row_index function instead?

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