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  • I was hesitant to post this because it’s very hacky and definitely does not substitute for a proper solution in the core of ACF, but it *works for me*. I make no guarantees for you, as it may completely blow up your site and ruin your life forever. You’ve been warned.

    Also, this javascript is only loaded on edit pages in the admin section with wp_enqueue_script().

    $('.acf-field-image .acf-image-uploader .show-if-value img').each(function(){
        var $el = $(this);
        var src = $el.attr('src');
        if ( src === '' || !src ) {
  • I’m having this same problem. The edit/delete buttons do not appear because they only show up when the image is hovered by the mouse. If the image is missing, the img tag has no height or width, so it is impossible for the edit/delete icons to appear.

    I have temporarily solved this by running some javacript that looks for ‘.acf-input .acf-image-uploader .show-if-value img’ elements with a missing src value and manually adds height and width which allows the user to hover over an empty box.

    Ideally, ACF would load a default image or broken image icon if an image is missing, or display the edit/delete/add image buttons if the image is broken.

  • I am also having this problem. Same versions (WP 4.1.1, ACF 5.2.0).

    I have extra fields on my custom taxonomy terms, and the fields on the edit-tags page will no longer appear.

    This is a pretty huge issue, as I can no longer edit content appearing on my site.

    Attached are similar screenshots. The first one is what I want, and the second screenshot is what the rules change to after I click ‘Update’

  • I’m also getting the same error with custom fields on Attachment forms (not just grid view).

    I have ACF 5 and WordPress 4.0.1.

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