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  • Seems like such an easy and arbitrary feature to add. I’ve had many, many, many instances where the word “Gallery” is actually misleading for what content goes in there. I’ve used jQuery to hack up the text onLoad for the sites that are strictly client managed, but that seems like such a long extra step and really unsustainable.

    Also, it’d be cool to add this feature to Flexible Content as well as not everything should be phrased as a “layout.”

    You’ve had it in your Repeater add-on for years and years. Can’t be that much of a leap to take that logic and apply it to the other field types.

  • I am working on an nginx environment (not sure if it’s relevant, but just more detail). I resolved the issue by reinstalling ACF and now all fields function as normal.

    To be more clear, all the fields I was trying to update or remove were created in v.5.5.14 and it was individual fields within a group that would not delete. Also, the field table layout seemed to break after the first time I saved by adding the “Key” column and forced “Type” to return onto a second row of table headers – these new columns couldn’t be removed with WP’s Screen Options.

  • Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m having the exact same issue.

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