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  • Yes, this fixed the issue; thanks so much Elliot!

  • Hi John,

    Sure, let me see if I can explain this better. So in this case my repeater name is upload_publication. This repeater has a radio button sub-field, with a field name that was initially set to language.

    In the post edit screen the repeater shows up fine, with the default languages loaded into the radio button choices and a final ‘other’ option (added with the “Add ‘other’ choice to allow for custom field values”). When I fill out a value here and save the post, the new value is added to the list of options but the values set for all these options all go back to the default option. Going back to the Edit Field Group and opening the repeater, I can see that the Field Name has changed from language to upload_publication_4_language. Each time I add a new value in the post edit screen the field name is once again renamed, wth the additions tacking on to the start of the name; so it starts with upload_publication_4_language but then becomes upload_publication_1_upload_publication_4_language, etc. The number added seems to be related to which row of the repeater I’m editing; the first row adds a 1, and later rows (I think) are the row number minus 1 (so the fifth row adds a 4, etc).

    Hope this is clearer! Thanks for looking into this issue.

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