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  • This is super promising. I didn’t realize I could define new field groups solely by providing a different JSON file. This most likely will solve my problem.


  • Yes, all the sites use the same theme.

    Is there a way to automate that syncing process?

    While fooling around with this local JSON feature yesterday I noticed that the field groups don’t update until you run the Sync action from within the admin area. Is there a way to sync field groups programmatically, for example from the command line?

  • Hi, I’m circling back on this. I went through and created a new plugin using that “create a new field type” link you provided. I wondering if you could recommend a direction on how to move forward.

    Basically, we are using a page-builder created using flexible content fields and a number of add-ons. I’d like to add a button here:

    That allows you to duplicate the entire row layout.

    I’m sort of stuck on how to do the duplication itself. Would you recommend I use JS or PHP to duplicate the layout? If I go with JS, what sort of values would I have to increment in order to avoid problems when the database gets updated?

  • Thanks for your feedback and the info about how the minified script gets.

    I don’t really see how I can make the changes I want to make without editing the acf-pro-input.js file directly. I’m looking to make changes to the flexible_content object and that will require me editing the aforementioned JS file and class-acf-field-flexible-content.php. So I would have to create new files that would get loaded into the plugin instead of those two files. Basically I’d need to create a child theme for the plugin and I’m not sure how to do that! Any guidance as to where I’d start?

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