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  • Hi there

    Thanks for your swift reply.

    One image field was just as an example. (I could use the original WP featured image box, but it is really ugly and would require me to make a new post for each image)

    I actually need to use the repeater field, repeating an image field. And have each of the images be set to featured.

    So say I have one CPT called ‘gallery’, with a ACF ‘gallery images’ (with a repeater field, with image, title, description)

    I only want to add one gallery, one post, with as many images as I want inside that one post, and all set to featured image.

    Hope this is a little more clear.

    If possible I would like to use the gallery field to do the same thing as well.

    The problem I see with the code you supplied earlier in this post was that it only uses a set post and field id. And that would constantly change with multiple images needing to be set to featured.

    Any help would be great

  • Hi there

    Interesting post, and nearly what I need, but I can’t understand some things.

    when calling the function it passes the variables ’10” and ‘3’.

    add_filter(‘acf/update_value/name=sock_images’, ‘acf_set_featured_image’, 10, 3);

    being the post id and the post field.

    So this would only set the one image from that one post to featured.

    I have a custom field called ‘gallery images’ with just one image upload field.

    As I add a new gallery image, each image has a new post id. meaning the code you used to set each image as featured would not work.

    I am using a gallery plugin that requires all images in custom post types to be featured.

    Is this possible at all?

    I would like to use the ‘gallery’ field option, or a simple repeater field.

    Any help on how to achieve this would be grand.

    It would be a nice feature to add in the future, a simple check box when you insert an image field ‘set this image as featured’

    Thanks in advance.

    Awesome plugin by the way

    I need to set each of the images being uploaded to featured, not just one.

  • Hi there.

    Great to find this post.

    I am trying to get single post template to work with ACF, but it is not.

    I have created templates and have it working properly when creating normal posts, the “single post template” drop down menu appears under the editor.

    But I cannot see the SPT drop down under the ACF add new field sections.

    Any idea what could be wrong? I am running WP 4.1 and the latest versiion of SPT, and I have already followed the above instructions and changed “Template Name Posts” to “Single Post Template” but still the drop down is not showing anywhere in ACF

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks in advance (hope I don’t have to wait a year (lol)

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