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  • I had the same problem with a disabled post_object field: its value is lost on save.

    Ended with this workaround:

    add_filter('acf/update_value/name=companies', function ($value, $user_id, $field, $original) {
        //error_log('Saving companies: ' . json_encode($value) . ' ' . $user_id);
        //error_log('Last value: ' . get_field('companies', $user_id));
         * Workaround for read only field where its value is reset
         * on the edit profile screen to ''.
         * We set its value always to an array [] (empty or with companies).
        if ($value === '') {
            $value = get_field('companies', $user_id);
        return $value;
    }, 10, 4);

    Quite a hack but it works now fine.

  • I just had this issue and the workaround was to disable the taxonomy filter.

    Before the page was blocking the browser and nothing was shown on the JS console at all. Tried Chrome’s performance monitor to detect the blocking code but it did not list anything useful.

  • Hi Sergio,

    Your link no longer works. Is there another site to download your script?

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