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  • Sorry, but ‘time’ is the one thing we can’t get back! Unfortunately I have had to drop this plugin, gladly before i purchased the addons, especially the needed Options and Repeater.
    But just having too many problems with the template I am using for client. And secondly because of the issue above, the fact that there are a multitude of test custom fields that cant be cleanly deleted seeing as they were created by ACF? Sorry, but just cant pass that on to a client. Especially when they ask about all of the fields just sitting there from prior dev and myself.. then to respond, well I cant delete them (sure, I know I can.. with “time” that i don’t have to hopefully search enough correct methods and then hopefully do not screw up db).. yea, I know, backup db first.. But why even go through all that when the plugin that created the fields should be able to delete them aswell. EVEN IF,there is a big warning that comes up.. “Do you really wanna do this, your data in those fields will be loss”.. my answer is a big fat yes, because I need them gone.

  • For the love of GOD there has to be a better way! I have had to make numerous changes to field names and now i am trying to import tons of data and need to map to fields.. BUT I’m seeing every single custom field ever created AND fields now with “field_bunch of numbers” that I cant even identify! Unbelievable.

  • Not just yet, I was waiting for them to do their major update that would work with ‘custom’ posts. I was using the free edition. But now, with this next project I will be getting pro.

  • Also as rmdev stated above, if anyone stumbles across this particular post I too import ALOT of data to my various sites, BUT I use WP Ultimate CSV Importer simply because it maps well to the fields of the DB including the custom fields from ACF. No need for urlencode and I’m normally importing 1000’s of records for my updates, no problems.

    I also use Navicat because I can map to specific fields, but ONLY when I can deal with field(s) that I’m only updating data that is already there! Keywords are “data that is already there” as in update/append the field.

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