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  • Sorry, but ‘time’ is the one thing we can’t get back! Unfortunately I have had to drop this plugin, gladly before i purchased the addons, especially the needed Options and Repeater.
    But just having too many problems with the template I am using for client. And secondly because of the issue above, the fact that there are a multitude of test custom fields that cant be cleanly deleted seeing as they were created by ACF? Sorry, but just cant pass that on to a client. Especially when they ask about all of the fields just sitting there from prior dev and myself.. then to respond, well I cant delete them (sure, I know I can.. with “time” that i don’t have to hopefully search enough correct methods and then hopefully do not screw up db).. yea, I know, backup db first.. But why even go through all that when the plugin that created the fields should be able to delete them aswell. EVEN IF,there is a big warning that comes up.. “Do you really wanna do this, your data in those fields will be loss”.. my answer is a big fat yes, because I need them gone.