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  • @elliot nothing particularly different about it. Is just my dev server. I haven’t use ACF on this here before though. Oh – apart from that I have to use define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false); or the admin area refuses to load correctly.

    PHPinfo is here

    Was a totally vanilla WP 3.5.2 install. No other plugins.

    Have tried earlier versions of ACF with no change.

    Looks like the ajaxurl isn’t being populated because the (‘)s for the whole JS file are being escaped and causing a Syntax Error.

  • @elliot commenting out line 10 just causes the error to move to line 11.

    I notice that the quote marks are being escaped. So ajaxurl : '', is ajaxurl : \'\' in the browser.

    Not sure if it’s a MEMORY_LIMIT issue, I’m on a shared host and have asked to be put on as high a limit as possible (which is 96M for my server)

  • Am having the same issue, but from a new install.

    WP 3.5.2
    (also have Repeaters 1.0.1 but deactivating makes no difference)

    I also have no other plugins activated.

    Chrome is picking this up as an “Unexpected token ILLEGAL” input.php: line 10.

    Have re-chmod’d all folders to 755 and files to 644: no change.

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