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  • Not real sure what the cause/conflict is, but certainly didn’t have multiple days to spend trying to figure out the cause on a production environment.

    This was the workaround implemented. Seems to be working fine now in the backend as far as I can tell, and at least not breaking half the javascript functionality on the page when it threw the null error.

    Starting at line 987 of the non-minified version of input.js, added a simple null catch and exit.

    		/* added this condition, since acf.o was null at certain points for some reason when in the admin backend */
    		if (acf.o == null) {
    		// update post_id
    		acf.screen.post_id = acf.o.post_id;
    		acf.screen.nonce = acf.o.nonce;

    Hope this at least helps someone else in a similar situation.

  • Nothing, eh? Always fun when a simple core update to WP or WooCommerce totally incapacitates a plugin. Will have to disable this completely for now I guess and navigate away, one less dependency that can spontaneously combust.

  • Looking at the minified JS code, it seems the null variable seems to be getting caught right around here…


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