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  • Quick update: While the class acf-conditional_logic-hide that the tabs need to be hidden still disappears on save, toggling any other field in the ACF block triggers the script and the acf-conditional_logic-hide class is reapplied. See screenshots below.

    As a workaround for the fact that while the tabs themselves don’t respect my desire to hide them, I’ve set all options inside those tabs to hidden and added an additional ACF that simply says “These options are not available” that is not hidden. This way even if the tabs show up users get an explanatory message and can’t tweak anything.

    Several of these tabs should be hidden, but aren't.

    The tabs go back to their hidden state after toggling any other field in the ACF block.

  • I’m having the same issue using WP 3.5.3 and ACF 4.2.2. There are no JS errors that I can see through dev tools or FireBug.

    It may be worth mentioning that just last week I experienced a conflict with WPMU Dev’s Whitelabel WP Videos plugin causing ACF wysiwyg field buttons to go missing (defaulting to HTML view) without Chrome or FireBug complaining about any JS errors.

    (sidenote: it wasn’t actually the WPMUDev plugin itself; more precisely it was the fact that I had them enabled in the “Help” pulldown tab of the admin area).

    That is where I am going to start looking as I try to figure this out.

    Thanks for a super addition to WP!

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