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  • That’s why I am requesting that the plugin migrate the database for us. It’s actually not too hard to do when you know what to change on the database (i.e. just execute the SQL commands), but it just takes soooo long. Hence I’m asking a way to automate the process.

    Furthermore, I have found that I need this feature a LOT, especially during initial theme development!

    I will open a support ticket as requested!

  • When updating a field name from ‘old_name’ to ‘new_name’ I used the following SQL commands:

    UPDATE wp_postmeta
    SET meta_key='new_name'
    where meta_key='old_name';
    UPDATE wordpress.wp_postmeta
    SET meta_key='_new_name'
    where meta_key='_old_name';
  • I’ve attached a screenshot. ‘It’ was referring to any custom field using the “page link” input type.

  • What additional information is required.

    When activating the “Posts Types Order” plugin, the “page links” feature of the ACF does not work.

    Instead it shows the words “Not working”. There is no PHP or JS errors that can be seen on the console or the browser.

    If the “Posts Types Order” plugin is deactivated, the “page links” feature of the ACF works fine.

    However it both plugin worked together prior to updating to the Pro edition when using WordPress 3.9 (I haven’t tested the old version of ACF on WordPress 4.0).

    I’m using:

      Wordpress 4.0-latest
      ACF PRO 5.0.8-latest
      Post Types Order 1.7.4-latest (Nsp Code)

    Its quite a popular plugin so I’m surprised it did not work.


  • No this did not result in any errors. However I found the source of my problems. This new version of the plugin does not work well with the Post Types Order plugin by Nsp Code. However it did work well together before. Please help!

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