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  • Other than that, one can find several post type that is available by default in WordPress installation.

    Post – blog post
    Page – static page
    Attachment – attached media
    Revision – post revision
    Navigation Menu – nav menu

    To create a custom post type for any particular theme on WordPress, navigate to the function.php file from your WordPress theme directory then add the following code to it.

  • This suggests that the $fields parameter is not an array as expected.

    Can you please test this out by editing the file ‘pro/fields/class-acf-field-clone.php’ on line 119 and change the start of the acf_get_fields function to:

    function acf_get_fields( $fields, $parent ) {

    // bail early if empty
    if( empty($fields) ) return $fields;

    I have fixed this issue earlier when I was using shared hosting but after moving to WordPress managed hosting, I have never got any error like this because their platform is easy to use and compatible with WordPress versions.

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