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  • Is it possible to fix if with update_meta ?
    Support’s answers about problem:

    This is a common occurrence when fields are imported from an external source to the database. The issue occurs because imported field values lack a field reference to format the value of the field so that it can properly load on the admin UI. To fix this, you will need to pass the values through the update_field() function. Please take a look at the following resource page for more info on this:


    ACF saves term data using a post id parameter containing the string ‘term_’ and thus you will need to ensure that you factor this in while coming up the code. Please note that our support scope does not extend to the provision of custom code snippets but it looks like you are on the right track. I would suggest that you debug your code line by line to ensure that it is returning the expected data. Please take a look at our debugging tutorial on this page:

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