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  • Think i have found a way to achieve what i need.

    I ended up using the pre_load_value filter. which if you hook into and return a value. is then skipped when the repeater field goes to load its value.

    This way i can mimic the load_value function and the acf_get_value function just returns my value as opposed to the system value.

    incase anyone ever needs this in the future here is the code i used.

    add_filter('acf/pre_load_value',   array($this, 'pre_load_value'), 3, 3);
    function pre_load_value( $value, $post_id, $field  ){
        if($field['type'] != 'repeater'){
            return $value;
        if(!$this->search_sub_fields_for_type($field['sub_fields'], $this->name)){
            return $value;
        // Get field name.
        $field_name = $field['name'];
        // Check store.
        $store = acf_get_store( 'values' );
        if( $store->has( "$post_id:$field_name" ) ) {
            return $store->get( "$post_id:$field_name" );
        // Load value from database.
        $value = acf_get_metadata( $post_id, $field_name );
        // Use field's default_value if no meta was found.
        if( $value === null && isset($field['default_value']) ) {
            $value = $field['default_value'];
        //User our own load_value filter to add additional information to subfields
        $value = apply_filters( "ttc_repeater_load_value", $value, $post_id, $field );
        // Update store.
        $store->set( "$post_id:$field_name", $value );
        // Return value.
        return $value;
    add_filter('ttc_repeater_load_value',   array($this, 'try_add_grid_info'), 2, 3);
    function try_add_grid_info($value, $post_id, $field){
        // bail early if no sub fields
        if( empty($field['sub_fields']) ) return $value;
        // vars
        $value = intval($value);
        $rows = array();
        $field["total_rows"] = $value;
        // loop
        for( $i = 0; $i < $value; $i++ ) {
            // create empty array
            $rows[ $i ] = array();
            // loop through sub fields
            foreach( array_keys($field['sub_fields']) as $j ) {
                // get sub field
                $sub_field = $field['sub_fields'][ $j ];
                // bail ealry if no name (tab)
                if( acf_is_empty($sub_field['name']) ) continue;
                // update $sub_field name
                $sub_field['name'] = "{$field['name']}_{$i}_{$sub_field['name']}";
                $sub_field["original_order"] = $i;
                $sub_field["latest_row"] = (($field["total_rows"]-1) == $i);
                $sub_field["total_row_count"] = ($field["total_rows"]);
                // get value
                $sub_value = acf_get_value( $post_id, $sub_field );
                // add value
                $rows[ $i ][ $sub_field['key'] ] = $sub_value;
        return $rows;
    /** function to loop through sub fields and look for a particular sub field type.
     * @param $sub_fields array of repeater sub fields
     * @param $field_type - Field type we are looking for
     * @return bool
    function search_sub_fields_for_type($sub_fields, $field_type){
            foreach($sub_fields as $sub_field){
                if(!empty($sub_field["type"]) && $sub_field["type"] == $field_type ){
                    return $sub_field;
        return false;
  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the response. What i need is to be able to add some variables to the sub field (specifically the repeater’s total rows and the sub field’s row count) before it is rendered.

    I need the value passed the field before the sub field runs it’s load_value function. As I’m using these values to do a seperate DB query for additional information.

    If i set the priority > 10 the sub field has already run through its load_value function and i would have to loop through everything a second time. Which will be fine if i only had a few rows. But i am anticipating over time there will be quite a few rows and i think this will impact in load times.

  • in a javascript file you can add this code to run when a row is added to the repeater field

    (function( $ ) {

    $(".acf-input .acf-repeater").on('click a[data-event="add-row"]', function(evt, el){
    })( jQuery );
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