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Yearly renewals?

  • Hey there! I can’t find this anywhere in the forums nor in the terms and conditions.

    1) Do we need to renew the license yearly? 🙂

    2) What is the difference between ACF and LP Content Manager? Have you tried it out?

    Appreciate the feedback!


  • Its a lifetime licence i believe! And it’s not per site either, buy them all! 😀

    Not tried LP content manager, but I use ACF daily and it fulfills all of my needs and the support forum is pretty great for help

  • ah, you sure? 🙂 Just wanna make sure :p But for future premium add-ons, would they be the same? 🙂 Any words from the creator would be awesome!

  • Hi @leokoo

    All premium ACF add-ons are a multi-site license. There is no renewal.


  • Word of warning – I JUST purchased AFC from and it looks like I paid a discount (which is why I got it there) but it is only for a year AND I’ll have to do manual updates on all my client sites 🙁 So it was cheaper now, but I’ll have to come back here and buy a proper PRO Developer license (which I had in my cart until I decided to do a search for a coupon code). makes you renew each year which of course is more expensive. All I can say is uuuughh! Buyer beware on other sites!

  • Why are you purchasing from a pirate? 🙂 better purchase from Elliot on this site and support his work. After all, AUD 100 is relatively cheap for the power that comes with the plugin.

  • I actually found that site Google Searching “advanced custom fields coupon code” and found the plugin at a discount (wish I just found the coupon code I was after!). I had the Developer Plugin in my cart on and was ready to pull the trigger and download. Of course its relatively cheap – but with three kids and an employee, you look for whatever deal you can find 🙂 – I didn’t research, I thought they were an affiliate of some sort.

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