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  • Hey Elliot. Is there a way to not have the results of a wysiwyg field (in this used as a sub field in flexible content) to not add <br> tags?

  • Hi @thesrpr,

    There is a similar thread here, but instead of <br> it’s the p tag:

    There are a few filters for this but what I’d recommend is reading up on the preg_replace php function.

    Here’s an example of how I removed p tags and empty spaces with that function:
    <?php echo preg_replace('~\s?<p>(\s|&nbsp;)+</p>\s?~', '', get_sub_field('field_name')); ?>

    You’d need something along these lines:

    <?php echo preg_replace('/(<br>)+$/', '', get_sub_field('field_name')); ?>

    This may not be the perfect solution for you. Also check out str_replace and strip_tags.

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