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WYSIWYG Toolbar Not Showing (No JS Errors)

  • I am very familiar with WYSIWYG failures when there are JS errors present, but what is boggling me right now is that I created a very simple field group to show a WYSIWYG field if conditional logic is met based on the previous field. I use ACF often and am fairly certain that I have set up a similar scenario before without this kind of behavior.

    I have a attached a screenshot with the select field selected as “Text” and the WYSIWYG showing due to the conditional logic of the select field being met. Further there I have included the Chrome Inspector’s console to show that there are no errors happening here.


  • Hi @tatemz

    Can you remove the conditional logic from the WYSIWYG field and test if this effects the issue?

    Also, what edit screen are these fields on? It doesn’t look like a normal post from the screenshot. This may be related to the issue


  • The conditional logic has been removed and this field group is indeed on an ordinary “page” post type. The first screenshot in this reply was taken with all plugins (except ACF) deactivated on WordPress development version (3.9-beta1-27501).

    The second screenshot in this reply is taken from a fresh install with WordPress version 3.8.1. Everything seems to be working. Sorry to bother!

    Must be a beta bug? Oh well… so much for having fun in beta builds.

  • Hmm, so I’m not the only one. Pretty sure it is a 3.9 beta bug, experiencing this too when I added another button via the ‘media_buttons’ hook.

    Curious when this will be updated, I will be following this thread.

  • The same issue still exists with WordPress 3.9 BETA 3. Any idea how to solve that? Are you sure that this is a WordPress Bug? You know, WordPress comes up with a new version of TinyMCE.

  • Confirmed in 3.9 RC 1 with WYSIWYG in flexible content fields. Getting errors from the new version of TinyMCE, it looks like.

  • Elliot – just wanted to say thanks for the fix in 4.3.6, works perfectly for me now.

  • For me it was code that I’ve placed in my functions.php that blocked the new TinyMCE 4.x from loading. Removing that code, everything is working again. Maybe that will help someone.

  • 4.3.6 fix works good for me too! Think this topic can be closed…

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