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WYSIWYG sticky toolbar

  • Hi
    The normal WP Content field in the Visual Editor has a sticky formatting toolbar that remains in a fixed position until you scroll past the Content field.

    ACF WYSIWYG fields do not appear to have sticky toolbars – not sure if it’s missing or just me. Would be very handy – it can be awkward to keep scrolling back up to find the toolbar when you want to change a heading, add a link etc, especially when a lot of content has been added.

  • Hi @njs

    I’m not sure wether this is ACF or WP Core “fault”.
    Pretty sure that the ACF wysiwyg-field makes use of the wp_editor function provided by WordPress to output an editor (like any other plugin usually do):

    And it does not seem to have a setting for this. So my guess is that WP Core doesn’t support the same behaviour for editors created with that function as the core editor.

    Have you looked into it any further, done some googling on editors in WP in general?

  • I see! Yes, I have now submitted a post to the WP forums. Will report back once I know more.
    Many Thanks

  • That sounds great!
    This is all just a hypothesis from my part so confirmation would be great!

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