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WYSIWYG Source Code Formatting

  • Is it possible to retain an sort of formatting with the source code when using the WYSIWYG field type? It’s extremely inconvenient that it removes any spaces/breaks/formatting in the code. Content of any extended length becomes unreadable without spending time sorting it out. The client needs the WYSIWYG editor like WP’s standard editor, but I need the source code as well…

    Thanks for any insight with this.

  • I echo what birdwell said, it would be awesome if the sourcecode when using the WYSIWYG would save formatting (similar to the built in wordpress html one). It’s a little frustrating to test out some html to then have it compressed into one jumbled mess.

  • Yeah this is a major limitation. It’s stopped me from using repeater with WYSIWYG. I really hope there can be a solution at some point. Next time a have a bit a break from work I’ll take a look at this issue in detail.

  • I agree! I’d love it if formatting was retained in the source code, or if there was a sort of ‘text’ edit mode like in TinyMCE. Regardless, thanks for an amazing plugin!

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