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WYSIWYG Paragraphs

  • I’m using ACF to create blocks of editable content (I’m using wordpress as a CMS)… Anyway, what I’m trying to accomplish is so so simple yet nothing is working and it’s driving me crazy.

    I’m trying to create two paragraphs in a block of content.

    This is what the code in the HTML tab looks like when clicked (before I press update)

    <p>(first line)</p><p>(second line)</p> (the brackets represent real text)

    I clicked update and the HTML changes to this:

    <p>(first line<br />(second line)</p>

    I’ve tried absolutely everything and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve tried manually inputting the <p> tags and I’ve also tried changing from WYSIWYG to text/textarea and putting the text with the HTML codes in that way…

    No matter what I try; absolutely nothing works and this is such a simple task that I’m trying to accomplish (and also quite important) and i’ll admit, this is driving me insane. 🙁

  • Hi @leaksterrr

    I am 100% sure that you can have multiple paragraphs of text within a WYSIWYG field. I have written many blog articles which multiple paragraphs.

    Perhaps you need to not use the HTML tab? When you write your paragraph and then hit enter, do you get a paragraph space between the blocks of text?

    What do you get when you render the value on the page with the_field?

    Do the paragraph tags appear?

    Please note that WP will stip out p tags when it saves the value and then add them back in when you render it. Perhaps this is the issue?

  • I had the same issue and solved it by changing the Configure New Line Behavior Per Post Type to P-Tags in Settings > Writing for the post type related post type.

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