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WYSIWYG Not showing properly for normal users

  • I am running a multisite installation.

    Logged in as original Super Admin on the FRONT-END…

    of the site I can create a new site and when I click to edit my site, it brings up the ACF form I had made and everything looks nice and I can see the WYSIWYG editor with the icons etc. I can see the “Visual” and “Text” tabs.


    Logged in as a normal subscriber to the site on the FRONT-END…

    of the site, I can create a new site but the WYSIWYG editors ONLY show the text tab icons that open tags. I do NOT see the visual editor or the tabs themselves.

    I have even given my normal test user all permissions, super admin, admin, and everything else, yet still it does not give me the editor for WYSIWYG. This is strange. There is an error in the console when

    For the broken editors, the id of the toolbar is: id=”qt_acf-editor-113_toolbar” and the class is quicktags-toolbar

    There is no MCEU toolbar in the code for some reason.

    It also works as expected and shows up for SuperAdmin user if I add the SuperAdmin to a site created by my normal test user.

  • Hmm.. the same problem here and only for one specific site. @buddyq Did you solve the problem?

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