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WYSIWYG – No JS errors but No toolbars

  • The WYSIWYG field type isn’t working on my installation. This is a new build based on WP 4.

    It makes no difference if Advanced Custom Fields is the only activated plugin or not… and there are no JS errors shown in the console.

    I have the latest versions of all the ACF plugins:
    Advanced Custom Fields – 4.3.9
    Advanced Custom Fields – 1.1.1

    Is this an issue with WP v4?

    Any pointers much appreciated. I’ll be really stuck without a resolution to this as I have become dependant on this wonderful plugin!

  • That second plugin should of course be
    Advanced Custom Fields Repeater – 1.1.1

  • I’ve just set up a new installation of WP 3.8 with exactly the same theme and plugin setup and the WYSIWYG is working fine.

    I’ll stick with this 3.8 installation for now, but there is obviously an issue to be resolved for v4.

  • Oh wow. I really have to hang my head in shame.

    Under my user settings the option ‘disable visual editor when writing’ was selected.

    Doesn’t look like there is a problem after all!

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