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WYSIWYG missing visual/text tab

  • Hi!

    The WYSIWYG used with Advanced Custom Fields are not displaying the visual/text tab that use to be in the upper corner. At first it wasn’t showing for WordPress own textarea either, this was solved though by re-enabling the visual editor on the profile’s page.

    Still it doesn’t display on the WYSIWYG applied for ACF fields though? I really need the text edit view tab, the once, the icon called HTML in the ACF editor opens up a similar view but is totally unusable with its poor markup indentation.

    How can I solve this?

  • Hi @Bondra

    The normal WP WYSIWYG is not availing in ACF due to limitations within the repeater field.

    If you are using the WYSIWYG field OUTSIDE of a repeater field / flexible content field, you can install an add-on I created that uses the WP WYSIWYG and offers the native visual / text tabs:


  • Well the wierd thing is that I don’t manage to get it working on a regular field either. My fields do not use repeater in this case.

    I installed it as a plugin, I tried the other method also. Neither of them worked.

    what’s wrong?

  • Hi @Bondra

    Please describe what you mean by “don’t manage to get it working on a regular field either”


  • Hi,
    I need the text view tab too, but cannot use addons with ACF5.
    I see wordpress-wysiwyg addon works fine with repeater field & ACF4.

  • Hi Eliot,

    Just want to say I appreciate your making this plugin. On the site I’m currently developing the client wants to use tons of HTML within the content editor. With the code modal box (without line breaks, in other words, and within a relatively small window) it was nearly impossible to edit.

    Having the WP wysiwyg available is helpful in dealing with it.

    I’m using it on ACF 4 btw

  • This link is broken / no longer exists 🙁

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