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WYSIWYG link bug with columns

  • Anyone have the same bug?
    When putting 2 WYSIWYG columns next to each other, the link function starts blinking when you want to accept the link. It goes away once you make one of them 100% width again. Video for demonstration.

    It’s applied on an options page.

  • What version of WP? ACF? Are you using glutenberg?

  • I also have the same issue, no matter if it’s wrapped in a column or not. Just having a Field Group that shows on a page with only 1 WYSIWYG field. I tried several versions of ACF Pro from 5.7.6 to 5.8.0-b3. The bug goes away if I install the Classic Editor Plugin (to remove Gutenberg) since I’m using WordPress 5.0.3, so the bug is definitely linked to Gutenberg.

    Here’s another video of it in action:

  • I’ve tried this on several combinations of WP/ACF versions and I’m not seeing an issue. Could it be browser/OS related? What browser/OS are you on.

    Also, have you deactivated all other plugins on the site? Something else may be causing it as well.

  • Hello, the bug is present on the latest version of Chrome(72.0.3626.81) and Edge(42.17134.1.0), but not on Firefox and IE11. Yes I did try to remove every other plugins and use the latest default WP Theme (TwentyNineteen), same behavior. The bug is only present on a WYSIWYG inside an ACF field group in a page. Using the classic editor in a Gutenberg block works, and installing the “Classic Editor” plugin removes the issue entirely.

    Here is a video showing everything I just said:

  • I’m experiencing the same issue in Chrome 72.0.3626.121
    Has there been any resolution ?

  • Are you using the block editor, otherwise known as gooberbug Gutenberg? This related to the new editor and it may not be fixed until ACF5.8 is released.

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